stylist shops: February 2014

Friday, 28 February 2014

New Season Shopping

Shoes at Chloe, Celine and Victoria Beckham SS14

Tis the season of the ugly shoe (please refer back to this previous post for unfaltering proof) and there is very little more terrifyingly-monstrous than THE MULE. 
This clompy slider may have trouble staying put on one's foot, however it is a winner for leg-elongation which is a reason enough to put me in line for a pair of these Zara babies....

And although they are new season, they're online NOW.
Get ahead of the game...

Here's What I Wore...

... On a Friday in February.

This outfit is me to a tee. 
Simple and classic.
Why do we say a tee? 
Google doesn't even know.
And if Google doesn't know, it probably doesn't matter.
Jacket Isabel Marant for H&M, Shirt Gap, Jeans Zara (a steal at £9.99 in the sale), Belt vintage, Shoes Jimmy Choo and initial necklace Harry Rocks.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

New Season Shopping

This morning I visited my favourite breakfast location in London - Berner's Tavern at the London Edition Hotel. From the beautiful ornate plasterwork on the ceilings, to the amazing art adorning the walls, this is a must visit for anyone in the area. (Plus they do a mean avocado and poached eggs on toast!)

Post breakfast I had a meeting in Selfridges and obviously had to pay a visit to the shoe room on my way in. As a flat shoe obsessive I snapped some of my favourite slip on trainers - dream new season purchases from Givenchy and Mother Of Pearl.  DOTS WIN HANDS DOWN.

AND then back to the office to get on with my day prepping for June and July GLAMOUR. I'm shooting loads next week so am busy calling in fashion samples to put on my pages. In the process of calling in I was blinded by love for the below fluffy clutch bags from River Island. Affordable new season purchases! HASHTAG WINNING.

Here's What I Wore...

...On a Friday in February.

Suede shearling lined jacket (a total winner) from Oasis, waffle knit jumper from Gap, Jeans from AG Jeans, Trainers from New Balance.
Patterned pouch from Etro, Smaller red pouch from MONKI. 
Sunny-G's from Accessorize
And 90's speckled lino flooring from First Capital Connect.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Season Shopping

If Tesco and Garry Glitter had a love child, this bag would be it.

It's tantalising twinkle is even more alluring than the Jil Sander plastic bags of season gone. And even their paper ones. In fact, I'd go as far as to say this is the best cheap bag made expensive EVER.

The DISCO version isn't online yet, hopefully it will be coming soon, but the M&S one, oh sorry S&M one, has already hit Browns Fashion so you can get your fix HERE.

Here's What I Wore...

... On a Thursday in February.

Jacket No.21 at Matches, Tshirt DKNY for Opening Ceremony, Denim jacket & Other Stories, Leather trousers vintage and trusty old Adidas kicks from Schuh.

New Brand Alert!

It's not every day a jewellery brand arrives on the scene that does something so delightful for so not-too-much-money.

After obsessing over statement gem jewellery for a few seasons and finding it ridiculously overpriced (and quite frankly I'd rather spend the money on shoes) a new brand got in touch with just-as-amazing pieces for really good prices.

So stop what you are doing, sit down at your computer and type these words into that little white box at the top of your browser...

You can thank me later.

Here's what I wore....

...On a Wednesday in February.

Shirt from my beloved Gap, jeans from Pepe Jeans no-less, coat from high street hero Mango (sold out IM SORRY), box-fresh-kicks from Adidas at Schuh and cheesy smile courtesy of Rachel Isabelle Ingram.

New Season Shopping

What do you get if you cross a small  (FAUX) furry animal with the shoe of the season?
I will tell you dear readers: 

Yup, welcome to the world beautiful/ugly Senso furry friends. 
You make me want to save my pennies for you.
Not sure when they're out in the UK, but I will let you know (after I've bought myself a pair, obv).
And you can ship them in from the Land of Oz by clicking on the picture....

Here's What I Wore...

...On a Tuesday in February.

The kind of Gap jumper you never want to take off (cream version available here) Jbrand 901 jeans and an H&M belt and Kurt Geiger ponyskin boots

New Season Shopping

Working at GLAMOUR means I'm always styling shoots a season ahead (we work around 4 months in advance) - so right now I'm thigh deep in summer clothes. 
This is 
a) great because it means I get to test run everything around the office and therefore truly see which items I'm still passionately in love with by the time they come out 6 months later, and 
b) annoying because I want to buy and wear everything now and I cant because it's not out yet and it's 4 degrees in London so BIRKENSTOCKS YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT.

However, fast forward a few months and here, my dears is what I will (ideally) be prancing down Regent Street wearing....

Plastic Sophia Webster Jelly shoes, ASOS perspex visor, Craig & Karl for Le Specs sunny-g's, Barbie pink Chanel bag and a can-o-pop to put a spring in my step.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Whata-ya-got Topshop?

Hello trusty old Toppers! Long-dreary-winter-time no see.

I'm here to see what their first drop of summertime bounty is, and I must say I was NOT disappointed. There is so much new stuff in there I almost had an overwhelmed melt down and walked out, but WOULD I LET YOU DOWN DEAR READERS? 
Not on my first blog post I wouldn't.

So - here I am - my max 12 items in tow - ready to SHOP FOR YOU

First up: THE SUIT

A pinstripe suit is not quite what I imagined I’d be dragging into the changing rooms at Topshop on a Thursday afternoon. At the first sight of this uniform-of-the-high-street-estate-agent I usually run a mile. Yet this navy blue jacket (£100, size 10) drew me in with it’s soft brushed cotton material and  double breasted front, and the trousers (£55, size 10) a perfect slim fit with a rolled-up cuff sealed the deal. 
Something tells me this look will be a love it or hate it sorta thing... 

Answers on a postcard.


Pink freaks me out. 
As do high-waisted skirts. 

As do crop tops. 

And yet here I am, in a Topshop changing room, facing my fears, biting the bullet and dressing like the girl I’ll never be. 
And I don’t actually mind it!

The texture on the top (£35, size 12 – they didn’t have a 10) and skirt (£40, size 10) made it feel more expensive, and the cut of the skirt means it doesn’t lose the volume it needs to maintain it’s silhouette, as so many do. 

If you love a ’50s shape and feel brave enough to tackle the crop top, then this may be the outfit for you. Perhaps even as a fresh alternative to a standard summer wedding outfit?


Not only is this plastic mac (£39, size 10) covered in a brilliantly ridiculous daisy print, it also has 

a hood you know is going to actually keep your hair dry in this horrible British weather. 

The metallic printed shorts (£25, size 10) fit a little small and are very high-waisted, but will look great with tanned summer legs rather than pasty February pins. And the silky vest top (£12, size 10) – well, it’s a silky vest top! But it fits well and is a heavy enough fabric to feel more of a top 
rather than lingerie. 


 Hello, high-waisted skirt – my long-lost frenemy. You are so hard to pull off yet such an easy way 
to make an impressive style statement.
This beautiful silk number (£85, size 10) is so well made it could probably pass for designer. Perhaps even the Christian Dior it is reminiscent of (don’t sue). 
It’s way too elegant for a train-taking, pub-patronising girl such as me, hence I threw on this sweater 

(£25, size S) with it – plus my trusty New Balance – to bring it down to earth. 

I must state here that this sweater is lined in the softest material that makes you feel like you are being hugged by real life Care Bears. 
And that in itself is reason enough to buy it.