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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Season Shopping

Working at GLAMOUR means I'm always styling shoots a season ahead (we work around 4 months in advance) - so right now I'm thigh deep in summer clothes. 
This is 
a) great because it means I get to test run everything around the office and therefore truly see which items I'm still passionately in love with by the time they come out 6 months later, and 
b) annoying because I want to buy and wear everything now and I cant because it's not out yet and it's 4 degrees in London so BIRKENSTOCKS YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT.

However, fast forward a few months and here, my dears is what I will (ideally) be prancing down Regent Street wearing....

Plastic Sophia Webster Jelly shoes, ASOS perspex visor, Craig & Karl for Le Specs sunny-g's, Barbie pink Chanel bag and a can-o-pop to put a spring in my step.


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