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Monday, 13 October 2014


Yeha! That's right! It's me!

I'm back from the abyss of moving house and life and world, with more bang-for-your-buck content to keep you occupied between 11 and 11.15 on a Tuesday morning when you've finished your coffee, emptied your inbox and haven't all that much else to do.

It's been a crazy summer for me, having bought a house last year that looked like THIS:

And turning it into THIS:

That stuff ain't easy I tell you, hours of walking round with tiles and painted bits of wood looking at them in different lights and mumbling things like 'oh yes a terribly cold colour in a North facing room' because that's what you're supposed to do when you renovate a house dontcha know.

So, although still only partially furnished (one table, one sofa, one bed, lots of echoing) the house is pretty much done and I can get back to focusing on what's really important in life - WHAT TO BUY FOR WINTER?! (and world peace blah blah blah).

I will of course be doing the usual Stylist Shops rounds of the high street now the new season has started to drop, but until I do, here is my current shopping list for you to peruse at your leisure....

Finally, the ultimate evening dress, the one that's gonna solve everyone's what-do-I-wear-for-a-winter-wedding crisis - this casually non casual, fringed fantastical slice of perfection from Net-a-Porter's 'Finds' collection.

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