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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

StylistShops x Clarks

When Clarks approached me this summer and asked me to road test a pair of their AW14 collection I was happy to oblige. Years of working at magazines had exposed me to lots of viewings of Clarks' seasonal collections and I was always suitable impressed. Once you bypass the shoes that my Grandma Margaret loves so dear, theres a trove of total gems which would fit perfectly into any of our wardrobes.

I chose the Busby Jazz monk shoes for a day goofing about at my parents house in the countryside. As you've probably noticed by now I'm all about the flat shoe and these were the perfect alternative to the sneakers I tend to live in. Plus, they were probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, other brands take note - Clarks have some sort of layer of heaven under your foot which softens every step, I could have run a marathon in these. If I ever took up running. Which I doubt I will any time soon. But I COULD have, and that's what counts.

Read the full story and watch the video below or on Clarks website here - it's pretty much worth it just to check out Clive, the-best-dog-in-the-history-of-dogs, making his screen debut. 

Shop the Busby Jazz here and check out my other key picks from Clarks AW14 collection below.