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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Leopard Legs

It's been a busy week already... and it's only Tuesday. 
I'm working on some exciting projects at the moment which are taking up most my time and I can share with you later this summer. On top of that I start a new job tomorrow. Plus I've just been told I need to choose paint colours for my house - which is probably the biggest challenge I've had to face in the last 5 years. My inability to make decisions means that even though I've been looking for a bed for three months I still don't have one... So how can I choose paint colours for an entire house? 
Today I'm wearing my Adam jacket, LNA tshirt, ASOS skirt and Converse shoes. The bag is an old Miu Miu purchase that has probably seen better days but seems to go with everything, and fit everything in it. 


  1. Hey Rachel! Love that skirt and it's half price-even better! :)
    If you want some tips on mattresses, try a Hypnos Pocketsprung mattress. I slept on one at a hotel in Liverpool and it was the cosiest night's sleep! I prefer medium mattresses.

    At my mum's house, she has a Vi-spring bed in my old bedroom which i LOVE! Sale is on here:

    I love these beds too!

    Hope this gives you some help!

    1. Thanks so much for the tips Laura!
      Had heard Hypnos were great so I think I'm going to get my base from Loaf and a mattress from Hypnos... although now those White Company beds have just made my decision even more difficult! x

  2. I've never heard of website addiction!! I know, once you go White Company, you never go back! At least you can get some WC bedding even if you don't get your bed from there! Bicester Village have an Outlet with some discounted massive cushions, bedding, name it! You have to put some pictures up of your finished bedroom :) Happy hunting! Laura x

    1. Bicester is definitely a trip I'm going to make once we've moved in. And there will certainly be some interiors blog posts on the way! Watch this space! x