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Monday, 26 May 2014

Stylist Shops : Topshop

Hello Topshop old friend. Haven't seen you in a while. Not since you scared me off a few years back with your body con dresses and up-the-bum-denim shorts.
But now I'm ready to re-visit and see if you have anything left for me, a girl in her 20s seeking clothing that looks individual and, at least a bit, expensive.

After a trawl around the Westfield Shepherds Bush megastore and a lot of success in the 'Topshop Boutique' section, I managed to find the following...

And so we begin....

First up, the Boutique print clash. 
This dress (£65, size 10) is AWESOME. It's even better in real life. It's 100% silk, cut perfectly and it doesn't cling to those places you really don't want it to. I love it with this sweater (£45, size 10) also from the Boutique range which looks just as good tied round the waist to give the dress shape. 

This sweater (£38, size 10) is slightly cropped so I'd recommend buying it in a larger size for stomach covering purposes, or else pairing with a higher waist jean / short if that's your sorta thang.
These faux leather shorts (£34, size 10) are just the right side of sporty for a person that doesn't believe in going to the gym.  

ps. I would suggest this hairstyle whenever wearing the sweater out the house. 

Next up is our trickiest trend to date. THE CULOTTES. Please note that if you wore these in the 90s, you simply can't pull them off a second time around.  
So, for these printed culottes (£40, size 10) I've gone as simple as possible up top with a black cashmere blend vest (£20, size 10) which Topshop do incredibly well. Stock up on those bad boys. 

I am not, as you may think, dressed up as a Moroccan souk, this skirt (£36, size 12) is straight off the Topshop rails and I kinda love it. They didn't have a size 10 so it's slightly too big, but it would look amazing with tan leather sandals and a white tee (instead of this fringed top £26, size 10) for a summer work outfit. Plus if you have a trip to Morocco planned....

This dress (£85, size 10) is from the Kate Moss for Topshop collection which there was a significant amount of left in the store this week - almost a month after it was released. 
It's a really nice collection and I would have bought half the rail - but it was so overpriced I didn't - which is probably the same thought everyone else had - and the reason so much of it is left. 
The dress was a little too sheer for my liking, you'd need to wear a slip underneath, but the embellishment and embroidery was great.
 I actually saw a woman today wearing the top in black looking totally cool, and had major clothing envy. So this may be a good alternative to the sheer dress, plus it's £25 cheaper.


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