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Monday, 12 May 2014

Stylist Shops : Urban Outfitters

Stylist Shops has officially moved to the hot new prime time spot of MONDAY shopping day because I felt a burning duty to brighten up your dreary Monday mornings with a dose of what's hot on the high street.

Today I am taking on Urban Outfitters, a brand so cool they get away with selling the clothes we gave to charity shops last year straight back to us as 'vintage renewal', and their store staff wear sunglasses indoors. But as we all know there is NOTHING I like more than a challenge and in the hope of some cool rubbing off on me, I begin....

Today's components:

Clockwise from top left: Black denim shorts, denim shirt, lace shorts, black dress, white dress, check shirt (plus a few extras we shall meet along the way) - all Urban Outfitters.

Ok Urban, bring it.

You have probably realised by now how much I love a denim shirt - and this baby (£30, one size) sits perfectly scrunched over these crochet shorts (£38, small) which I need to own for when I hit the beach this summer.

Next up, this Minkpink black camisole dress (£45, medium) which fit a little on the large side but throw a check shirt like this one (£40, small) around the waist and bob's your slimming-down uncle.

Vanessa Bruno designs dresses that do what dresses aught to do, swoosh around and make you feel like a real girl. I can't find this one on the website which is a shame, but it is in store and although a little on the pricer side (£290, size 36) it's the kind of dress you'll pull out every summer from now until you're too old to have your flabby arms out. 

As a fan of Urban's Levi's renewal denim shorts (£35, small) - see this post where I wore them pretty much all holiday - I know that these black babies will come in very useful all summer long, whether thrown on with this linen vest for the beach (£32, small) or the amazing white lace tshirt below for summer in the city. The tshirt isn't online (come on Urban, sync your stock) but trust me, it's worth making the trip into store for...

(Top, £48, Medium)

I spend my life buying LWDs (little white dresses) and this one (£115, medium) I can't really live without. It's the perfect summer throw-on for anything dress - pool party, bbq, work, picnic - you name it. The lace is reminiscent of a Dolce season gone by, and the soft sheer cotton has an Isabel Marant feel. 
Go get it too, then we can go matching. 

The 90's scares me. Mainly because it wasn't that long ago and I wore Tammy girl spaghetti strap crop tops and pedal pushers, but also because it wasn't that long ago and quite frankly I don't think you can pull that shit off second time around. 
This dress (£52, small) is a gentle approach to the 90's grunge trend - with it's shapeless shape and button down front. I've chosen not to pair it with a choker, but if you're under the age of 18, feel free to. But I think we've established, I'm just not cool enough.

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