stylist shops: Whata-ya-got Gap?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Whata-ya-got Gap?

It's here again, it's Sunday shopping day!
Today I'm hitting up a shop I spend way too much time and money in, wear far too much of and preach about it's brilliance far too regularly... 
I'm off to Gap. Purveyor of affordable basics.
Now the best part of today's Stylist Shops is that Gap currently have 20% off all full priced items online with the code GOGAP - so you can shop from today's post to your heart's content and totally guilt free. 

And off we go....

First up in the Gap-a-thon is the ever useful black skinny jean (£49.95, Small). Not just any black skinny jean mind you, a PERFECT fit skinny leg with no ankle sag for £49.95. They are the skinny jeans you've been searching for your whole life. 
I paired them with this open knit tee (£29.95, Medium) which is an excellent alternative to a standard tshirt. 

Next up is an item my wardrobe is full of, the grey marl jersey top (£14.99, Medium) which I would usually pair with a printed trouser / Isabel Marant-esq floaty skirt - but Gap is only the master of the basics, so I have thrown on the aforementioned skinny jean  (£49.95, Small) in a blue wash (that they don't seem to have online) just to reiterate how blooming brilliant these babies are. 


 Next up is a pinstripe collaboration between the ultimate classic trench (£69.95, Small)  and this nurse-come-hipster dress (£44.95, Size 10). The dress will look brilliant with Birkenstocks in an awkward sort of way, and the trench is the perfect length to wear with anything you could throw at it.

Double Denim - the ultimate cool if you can avoid doing a Britney and Justin.
This shirt is one I've been preaching for a while, the perfect fit denim chambray shirt (£24.95, Small) and I've paired it with these slightly baggy fit denim shorts (£29.95, Size 27) in a totally different denim shade. Totally different denim shade being the key here. Write it down.

Final outfit today and I've shoved back on the trusty black skinnies to show off this perfect denim jacket  (£54.95, Medium). Ive layered it over Gap's classic fit tee (£9.99, Small) but it would look perfect with a floral sundress / pair of leather shorts / lace blouse / silk dress - just about anything really. Proving my point and hereby crowning Gap, King of Basics.

Get shopping online at and remember your 20% off code 'GOGAP'


  1. Love the Chambray shirt Rachel I keep going into Gap and looking longingly at it...maybe i should just bite the bullet and buy it! Also, where is your white shirt from in the top pic? Lovely!

    1. Hi Sophie,
      Yes, you must bite the bullet as you really won't regret buying it. It goes with everything, and even looks cool open over a white tshirt and shorts for summer.
      The white shirt in the top pic is men's Uniqlo. They do great linen shirts for around £20 and if you buy them in a small they fit like an oversized women's shirt. I stockpile them!!
      Let me know how you get on with your shirt shopping!

  2. Thanks Rachel. I wish you could be my personal stylist/shopper! En route to Gap on my lunchbreak! Enjoy your lovely hols! Sophie

  3. I bought the Gap shirt just now...and added bonus-there was 30% off everything in store! Winner! Sophie

    1. Nice one!! Nothing better than an impromptu discount. X

  4. I just made a mad dash to gap on my lunch break to get the black skinnies...and the blue ones too... and maybe a woven leather belt - oops! oh well, the 30% discount made it all seem much better! I would never have tried on the skinnies before I saw how nice the fit was on you :-) Keep blogging x

    1. So glad you got them - they're great aren't they?! Thanks for reading x