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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New Season Shopping

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, flats are the shoes of the season. Which is a dream for me because my chronically low pain threshold and severe hypochondria have crippled me to the point that I can't walk more than three steps in anything with a high heel, and thus I am an avid championer of the flat shoe and all it stands (comfortably) for. 

Now, yesterday we covered the pointy flat, so today is the UGLY FLAT's turn - and what better than 5 shop-able pairs'a'shoes to keep you full of joy on a Tuesday morning...

Sandals, £40, ASOS

Sandals, £582, Marni

Sandals, £48, Urban Outfitters 

Sandals, £372, Marni

Sandals, £45, River Island (out April)

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