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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Whata-ya-got Mango?

And here I stand, in Mango, the high street’s new darling, a brand that has gone from blah to wahaaaaaa in recent months by amping up its designs and getting each of the new season trends spot on.
I have decided to challenge myself in the dressing room today by finding one really key Mango piece and styling it up 6 different ways….

So… Today’s items of choice, including first and foremost, said KEY MANGO PIECE - The Long Sleeve Silky Stripey Top. (Size M, £29.99).

Then: Boyfriend Jeans, White Dungarees, Grey Jacket, Patterned Trousers, White Trousers, Stripe Skirt and Grey Skirt. 

First up, we start with the basics - stripe on stripe. 

No one likes a matchy-matchy jailbreak outfit more than me, so I paired The Long Sleeve Silky Stripey Top (or TLSSST for short) with it’s accompanying skirt (Size 10, £29.99), just the way god made it. And I think it’s a pretty darn fine combination. 

Next up the dungarees (Size S, £54.99) which thrown over TLSSST make me feel like a second rate Beano character, but a surprisingly comfortable one at that. Who knew dungarees were so roomy? Stretch denim could possibly be the best thing since the hareem pant.

On to a classic - the boyfriend jean (Size 10, £44.99). I must remark here how well these babies fitted. I’m always on the lookout for good high street jeans and these certainly passed the ‘look-expensive-cost-under-£50’ test. They fit a little large so I’d go down a size. 

Talking of fitting a little large, this next outfit an Isabel Marant-esq skirt (Size 10, £34.99) and jacket (Size S, £59.99) was possibly the smallest thing my body has had to try and squeeze into since my leotard in gymnastics class in year 9. The skirt was so small in fact that I can only imagine they had accidentally labelled it a ‘SIZE 10’ rather than an ‘AGE 10’. 
Mango’s sizing so far has been about as consistent as a British summer.

Print clash time and when clashing prints, it’s all about keeping colours similar. These trousers (Size S, £34.99) although a totally different pattern, are tonally in the same family as TLSSST so work a clashable-treat.  

Final outfit is these amazing white stripe cotton trousers (Size 10, £29.99). The perfect summer trouser; tailored yet relaxed, patterned yet neutral. All together a full stripe look with effortless impact. 
And that’s what summer clothes are all about.

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